When will AGL match my donation?

AGL matches employee donations bi-annually in May and November each year.

How does AGL Matching work?

In May and November of each year, AGL will issue a matching voucher to your Power to Give online account (up to $5,000 per employee per annum). For example, if you have donated $260 dollars over the 6-month period, AGL will issue you a matching voucher for $260. You’ll be able to allocate any value (up to the total value) to any charity in the platform. You may choose to allocate it to a charity(s) you've already supported, a new charity(s) or allocate portions to both. The voucher will expire after 1 month, but you’ll receive email reminders before expiry.

What happens if I don't redeem my voucher?

You will receive an email reminder that your voucher is due to expire. If you fail to allocate the voucher, the value of the voucher will be donated to The Smith Family, AGL's flagship charity partner.

Are there any charities AGL will not match?

AGL will not match charities that are not on the Power to Give platform.

Can vouchers be split across more than one charity/project?

Yes, you can split the voucher across multiple beneficiaries.

Can vouchers be redeemed to fundraising pages?

No, vouchers can only be used as a donation to a charity/project, not fundraising pages

Can I add my own funds if the voucher doesn't cover the entire project I wish to support?

Yes, at the check-out you can add your own credit card details to make an additional donation from your own funds.

When will my chosen charity receive these voucher funds?

In the month following your voucher redemption.

When will AGL issue these vouchers again?

May 2019