Who is Goodcompany?

Goodcompany provides Australia’s most effective online meeting place for volunteers and community groups, inspiring a new generation of professionals who can make a positive difference in our communities. Goodcompany also works with large corporate partners to run employee volunteer programs – matching volunteers with community organisations. Goodcompany is part of the Karma Currency Foundation. More information: http://www.goodcompany.com.au/

Who is Karma Currency Foundation?

Established in 2007 and dedicated to creating tools and services to make charitable giving part of our everyday lives, the Karma Currency Foundation is a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Type 2 status.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide money, property or benefits exclusively to or for the benefit of DGR Type 1 entities to which income tax deductible gifts can be made.

In November 2011 Karma Currency absorbed Goodcompany, Australia’s leading skilled volunteer matching website. Today, we support over 1,000 community groups and are positioned to assist individuals and corporates to give their time, their money or both.

Is AGL paying Goodcompany?

Our agreement with Goodcompany (which is part of Karma Currency Foundation) is commercial-in-confidence. We undertook extensive research of the market and other providers before selecting Karma Currency Foundation.

We believe Karma Currency Foundation is best placed to respond to our needs and offered value for money. We also share similar values when it comes to being bold, doing things differently and making a difference.

Are you involved with a charity you'd like to see on the Goodcompany platform?

If you are involved with or know of a charity that might be interested in posting their volunteering opportunities on the Goodcompany platform, please send an email to support@goodcompany.com.au with the name of the charity. Goodcompany will then check the charity meets all relevant requirements, and are interested in posting their volunteering opportunities on the Goodcompany platform.  Energy for Life will advise you of the outcome of this procedure once complete.

Charity gift vouchers – not just used for matching purposes

Note that charity gift vouchers can be given as a gift to your family and friends, or, if you’d like to give a corporate gift, think about giving a voucher instead.